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Mobile Weigh Station

We are available to come to Rallies and Campgrounds and present a Seminar on “RV Weight and Tire Safety” and weigh RV’s

Email:            info@rvweigh.com

Phone:          714-329-3499

Mail:              Paul & Doris Cunningham

RV WEIGH - Mobile Weigh Station

1452 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy. #306

Henderson, NV 89012



til April 18          Las Vegas, NV

April 19-22        St. George, UT

April 27-May 4   FMCA Rally, Farmington, NM

May 5-20            Moab, UT

May 20-June 4   Bluff, UT

June 4 - July 15 Colorado

July 17 - Aug 2   Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks